Suit Up it's a New Year!

Tips and Tricks for Corporate Men's Suits

Suit Up it's a New Year!


Greetings from Brisbane Headshots!

Here in New Farm, we're well-and-truly back in to the swing of things. We don't know about you, but our holidays seem like just a distant sunny memory. Getting stuck back in to work had us thinking about our wardrobe, and what we can do to improve it this year...


Actors Showreels Brisbane

How To become An Actor / Actress

Actors showreel still from Brisbane Headshots

Creating actors showreels! This has to be, without doubt, our favourite and most challenging part of our job. We're only newbies but that also has its advantages. We look with fresh eyes and both Blythe and I are cinematic nuts so we can call on our combined years of golden screen moments and impossible angles and cuts to add that bit extra to our craft.

Professional Headshot Photography

Brisbane Headshots Photographer

Photography For Annual Reports In Brisbane

Have you ever stopped to linger on a great webpage with contemporary headshot imagery, had your attention grabbed by that amazing facebook banner, or surreptitiously pinned that outstanding corporate headshot? Did you then stop and think to yourself… my business could never look that good, I could never look that good? Well, we have news for you

Amalie Rae Actors Headshots

Actors Headshot Portrait Photography

Amalie Rae Actors Headshots

We met Amalie at the start of the year when she came to our studio for some actors headshots. We knew instantly there was something special about her, so it came as no surprise when her headshots turned out beautifully.

Create Your Perfect Social Media Post

Social Media SEO For Your Business

Create Your Perfect Social Media Post

Your Business Headshot is a great way to engage on the many different media platforms. But how about working your way through the maze of Social media that manages to eat into our productive busy days? Here is an amazing easy to understand infographic from Neil Patel of QuickSprout.

Brisbane Headshots presents Expert Tips for LinkedIn

Tips and Tricks for Improving your LinkedIn Profile

Expert Tips for your LinkedIn Profile

Our first tip is to Utilise “Key Words”. A “key word” is a word or phrase individuals type in order to obtain search results. Implementing key words into your social media pages, such as LinkedIn, can greatly improve your Google ranking and overall business web presence.

How to Get Great Roles – Top Actors Tips

Tips For Actors to get Cast in the Roles you Want

How to Get Great Roles – Top Actors Tips

To get your first big break you essentially need to be in the right place, at the right time, auditioning for the right role. This might sound like it’s all down to luck, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances of getting there. Your best chance of landing a great role in Brisbane and beyond is to be signed with a good talent agency. In order to be considered by your Brisbane agent of choice, it’s essential that you uncover and refine your type...

Is a Professional Linkedin Headshot Necessary?

Experienced Brisbane Linkedin Headshot Photographers

Is a Professional Linkedin Headshot Necessary?

Research shows, as little as 3 milliseconds exposure to a Linkedin profile headshot is sufficient for people to decide whether the face looks trustworthy or not. Unconsciously, they will start forming opinions about whether you’re trustworthy and likable, in short, whether they want to employ or do business with you.

100 Top Tips for Actors

How To Become A Better Actor

Actors brisbane best headshots sm

These 100 pearls of Wisdom were put together by the guys over at Stage Milk and we thought we might share them with our readers and clients. Watching the actors in my family trying similar exercises and moving and thinking outside the box really makes sense to me as a creative.

As an actor wanting to become better at his or her craft, you should find this list as an essential tool in expanding yourself and tapping into boundless talent that lies within!






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